July 13 - Tropical Storm Barry is Here


UPDATE: 7/13/19 CT

Due to the delay in rain, some of our volunteers put on a miniature version of our Saturday drop-in. We will try to schedule another Lower Nine drop-in the coming days as weather permits.


Most Saturdays we set up in Lower 9th Ward to meet with participants, a lot of them regulars, to check in and hand out supplies. Unfortunately, this Saturday we’re facing more than 80% chance of rain and almost 40 mph winds.

Our availability will continue, weather-permitting. We do not encourage travel during flash flood warnings or other inclement weather events.

Text the hotline to make a supply request.

If it is safe enough for us and for you, we will meet up.

We're low on supplies after the last two days when we met up with more than 300 people, offering bulk supplies in preparation for inclement weather / bad conditions. Please help us mobilize additional resources for the response and recovery efforts to come. Here are the most effective ways to support us:

  1. Donate by Check: Address check to the Dave Purchase Project with “New Orleans Trystereo” in the comments section. Send check to 535 DOCK ST. # 112, TACOMA, WA 98402. This way we can order bulk, cheap supplies (and the “normal” type of supplies that participants like and expect) most easily!

  2. Send us Donations: We need 27g 1/2” 1cc, 28g 1/2” 1cc, 29g 1/2” 1cc, 30g 1/2” 1cc, or 30g 5/16” 1cc, glass pipes, rubber mouthpieces, packed kits, bandaids, Ensure/water bottles/nutritious snacks, and small size biohazard bins, like Fitpaks or 1-Quart Sharps Containers.

    E-mail us to arrange shipping (Amtrak shipping is cheapest, or we can bill to our UPS account) and copy Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. Our partners at Mutual Aid Disaster Relief will be working closely with us to deliver resources to communities most impacted. If you can’t reach us (power is out/cell phone out/wifi is out), please reach them.

Stay updated on weather conditions:

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