We Suspended our Amazon.com Wish List in Solidarity with the Amazon Workers' Strike

If you'd like to donate materials to enable our work, please note we have suspended our Amazon.com Wish List in solidarity with workers striking. Please find items that are much-needed by participants in Trystereo’s program in the below wish lists. E-mail us to arrange shipping and other details.

We are taking our Amazon wish list offline for tomorrow and the 16th in solidarity with the Amazon workers strike. Alongside egregious and storied labor conditions, Amazon provides web services to hellish data company Palantir. Palantir provides intelligence fuel to ICE (not to mention also using New Orleans as a predictive policing petri dish).

Though Hurricane Barry (thankfully) did not impact the city with the magnitude that was feared, we have a whole lot of hurricane season ahead of us. All-volunteer Trystereo, supported by our partners with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, continues to provide safer drug-using, healthcare, hygiene, wound care, and disaster prep supplies through our city-wide hotline even through climate chaos.

Our Hurricane Response team stays through the threat of climate chaos because we know that storms like these are, by design, class violence and white supremacist violence. When systems fail (or even sputter, like in the days when the severity of climate threat is unclear), people who are routinely denied access to basic needs like healthcare, shelter, food, and human dignity are at the most risk. People who use drugs, people experiencing homelessness, people denied the right to evacuate during storms by their greedy bosses, people under regular attack by the police and ICE, Black and Brown and working class people, people with chronic illness -- climate disasters rapidly magnify the everyday disaster of life under capitalism for our friends, our neighbors, our communities.

We are trying to raise $10,000 to replenish our supplies depleted by rapid pre-Hurricane Barry outreach and to prepare for the rest of hurricane season. We've already cleared over 1/3rd of our goal which is WILD and thank you SO MUCH to each of you who've sent money, supplies, or words of encouragement.

So, in lieu of sending supplies through our wish list, please consider making a donation to Trystereo. Or shaking down the rich people in your life (or shaking down yourself, if you are said rich person).

Thanks for reading, click the link for how to donate and more information about Trystereo. Alright, good talk.

Post-Hurricane Barry Wish List

  • Syringes: 27g 1/2” 1cc, 28g 1/2” 1cc, 29g 1/2” 1cc, 30g 1/2” 1cc, or 30g 5/16” 1cc

  • Safer Smoking Kit Materials: glass pipes, rubber mouthpieces (Want to know more? Check out this post from Injection Drug Users Health Alliance)

  • Any packed kits, for example: single use, double use, wound care, and hygiene kits

  • Band aids

  • Blue tourniquets

  • Nutritious snacks (especially soft foods & Ensure)

  • Water bottles

  • Small size biohazard bins, like Fitpaks or 1-Quart Sharps Containers

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