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Resources and Suboxone Guides

If you'd like Suboxone and have/qualify for Medicaid, check out our Guide to Suboxone Programs that take Medicaid in New Orleans here:

For a more comprehensive list, check out our guide to All Suboxone Programs in New Orleans.

[Our Suboxone guides are constantly being updated, so if you see some information missing, it's because we are waiting on it ourselves. Thank you for being patient!]

Nola-Specific Resources:
Louisiana HIV/AIDS Program - http://www.hiv411.org/
LGBT Community Center of New Orleanshttp://www.lgbtccneworleans.org/
Tulane’s Research Study: New Orleans Syringe Access Projecthttp://www.tulane.edu/~dropin/syringe_access.html
NO/AIDS Task Force (CAN Office)http://www.noaidstaskforce.org/
Women With A Visionwww.wwav-no.org
Youth BreakOUT!www.youthbreakout.org/

Harm Reduction Coalitionwww.harmreduction.org
Chicago Recovery Alliance - www.anypostitivechange.org
Count the Costs, 50 Years of the War on Drugswww.countthecosts.org
DanceSafewww.dancesafe.org (drug information and harm reduction)
The Influence - http://theinfluence.org/ (news and commentary on drug use, recovery, and culture)
North American Syringe Exchange Networkwww.nasen.org
The Fixwww.thefix.com (daily website on addiction, recovery, and the drug war)
YouthRISE - youthrise.org (for reducing drug-related harm)
Safer Injectingwww.saferinjecting.info (drug info publications)
Talking Drugswww.talkingdrugs.org (international site for telling stories about drugs)


There are a lot out there, here are some of the more informative ones, for people who use drugs by people who use drugs. To friends and family, there are many blogs out there for you as well, and it doesn’t take much to uncover them, take a look!
Injecting Advice - injectingadvice.com (harm reduction blog)
Black Poppy’s Junk Mail - blackpoppymag.wordpress.com (by people who use drugs for people who use drugs)
Harm Deduction - harmdeduction.wordpress.com (a blog about a person who injects drugs, “living and surviving under a state of prohibition”)
Dope Princess - forev3r-st0ned.tumblr.com/harmreduction (from Crystal Meth and Heroin to Weed and Drug Interactions: a collection of well researched Q & A and tutorials)


A Day In The Life: The World of Humans Who Use Drugs (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtlmZDifl74)
  • The film takes us through one day in the life of eight people, from seven cities, in seven different countries of the world, from morning until night. They all have something in common - all of them use drugs. But these people are not defined by their drug use. All of them have their unique personalities, stories, and social networks. And the environment in which they live, the attitudes they face, the laws that regulate drug use, and the health services available to them have an enormous impact on their lives. This film is not only about drug users - it was also produced by drug users. It strives to challenge our common myths and preconceptions about drugs and the people who use them. It gives a voice to those representing one of the most marginalized communities of our world, to tell stories untold about hate, love, suffering, and happiness. It shows how they engage in social activism to break the silence and fight the stigma that shadows their days.

We Are The People: Drug User Organizing in the United States (link: https://vimeo.com/95458907)
  • In recent years active users of illegal drugs have banded together in several American cities to form unions and engage in organized activism. “We ARE the People” (WATP) introduces the five original user unions in the United States and demonstrates how the War on Drugs is in actuality a War on People. The film explores the harms associated with, and stigma behind, many of the terms often used to describe people who use illegal drugs, including “drug abuser,” “addict,” “drug misuser,” etc. WATP also illustrates some of the ways that drug user unions not only provide support for their members but also actively fight against the stigma associated with drug use, and the war on drugs that sustains it.
  • “We ARE the People” features the leaders and supporters of this new American movement as they aspire to transform the dominant cultural perspective that shapes what it means to be a user of illegal drugs in the United States. This past autumn the original five drug user unions in the U.S. convened at the International Drug Policy Reform conference in Denver, Colorado. “We Are the People” gives the viewer a peek into this historic meeting in which the five unions formed a national federation: The United States Alliance of Drug User Unions (USADUU).

Hitting Home: Safer Drug Injection for Hepatitis B & C Prevention (Link: http://youtu.be/SLKRJr36S84)
  • This 2006 film offers a tutorial for drug injectors and those who work to assist them in achieving “any positive change.” The film’s objective is to provide viewers with real-life examples of practical, realistic techniques for reducing the risk of acquiring and/or transmitting hepatitis B/C during the drug injection process. The film breaks the drug injection process into stages or steps. For each step, we feature actual injections (heroin &/or crack cocaine) that demonstrate unsafe/high-risk technique followed by injections that show improved/lower risk technique. Ultimately this video is best used as a tool for drug injectors and harm reduction outreach workers to talk about and/or experiment with making the kinds of minor changes in drug injection technique that will yield large changes in personal and community health and wellbeing. The film also serves as a resource for healthcare providers who rarely, if ever, get to observe their drug injecting patients’ self-medicating practices in situ.

Safer Crack Smoking Demo from California’s Hepatitis C Info website. 5 minutes. (Website here: http://www.hepcinfo.ca/en/resources/safer-crack-smoking-demo)

Live! Using Injectable Naloxone to Reverse Opiate Overdose (Link: http://youtu.be/U1frPJoWtkw)
  • This documentary-style training film, made in association with Chicago Recovery Alliance (www.anypositivechange.org), provides instruction on how to recognize an opioid overdose and respond effectively using a combination of rescue breathing and injectable naloxone, a pure opiate antagonist. An actual overdose caught on film in November 2008, provides the narrative framework in which the opiate overdose rescue process is illuminated. For more information on Sawbuck Productions: www.sawbuckproductions.org. (about 13 minutes)

J is for Junkie (Link: http://youtu.be/pZ2r2bj7wOM)
  • Full-length documentary: Greedmont TV presents a documentary by Corey Davis on a group crack users in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as the “Living Room.” They share their stories and tell us what it’s like to battle with a deadly addiction to crack-cocaine.