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Get Supplies!

If you would like free safer drug use or sex supplies for you or anyone, please text us at 504-535-4766 to meet up with a volunteer. This line is staffed by many people and we do not keep regular hours, so best to plan ahead a day or two - we are not an emergency service! 

Please be specific about what you need when you text. An ideal message would include the following: Ideal size (gauge) and quantity of syringes you'd like to get, any other supplies you're looking for (including Narcan, Fentanyl Test Strips, Condoms), Location (neighborhood is fine), how mobile you are (car, bus, bike, foot), and when you're free to meet up. 

We also have weekly regular "drop-ins," or periods of time where volunteers stay in one public place so people can go to them to get supplies that way. Please check with us day-of to ensure that a volunteer will be there.
  • Tuesdays: 3-4 PM at Duncan Plaza (Gravier and Loyla), between the Main Library and City Hall
  • Fridays: 6-7:30 PM at TBA
  • Saturdays: 2-4 PM at St. Claude and Andry (at the abandoned Gasco station)
Our syringes come in a range of sizes and brands (EasyTouch, BD, McKesson):
  • 30g 5/16" (short)
  • 30g 1/2" (long)
  • 29g 1/2" (long)
  • 28g 1/2" (long)
  • 27g 1/2" (long)
We have intramuscular needles for naloxone; we occasionally have sizes suitable for hormones and steroids too.  

Our injection supplies include:
  • Cookers - clean thing to prepare drugs in 
  • Cottons - to filter drugs
  • Alcohol pads - to sterilize an injection site on your body before injecting
  • Tourniquets - to make your veins easier to inject into (remove after you register)
  • Water strips - sterile water to prepare drugs with
  • BZK wipes - antibacterial handwipes to clean your hands with before preparing a shot
We also now have Fentanyl Testing Strips, which you can use to test your drugs for the presence of Fentanyl, a very strong opioid that's often used to cut many drugs, including Heroin, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine. Text the hotline to grab some for you and your friends. We can walk you through how to use them, or give you a flyer with all the info you need. 

Fentanyl Test Strip Directions: 

  1. Add 1/4 inch of clean water to drug residue (to bag or cooker)
  2. Dip end of test strip in water for 15 seconds
  3. Set aside the strip and check it after 5 minutes
  6. No lines = Invalid Test, Re-Do 
New Orleans Syringe Access Program (NOSAP) is another organization in New Orleans that offers new syringes and safer use supplies in New Orleans. They operate every Friday from 2-5 PM and are located at 507 Frenchman Street (brick building across from Maison). You can bring in old point to dispose of there and obtain new ones in exchange, or get up to a box without bringing any back.